Webinar program

Federation developed a program of free professional development courses specifically for casual and temporary members, which the union had planned to deliver face-to-face during 2020.

Unfortunately, due to COVID this program, along with all of Federation’s face-to-face training (both Centre for Professional Learning and Trade Union Training), has been suspended.

However, to support our casual and temporary members, Federation has developed a suite of webinars. These include:

  • Working as a Casual or Temporary Teacher (Thursday, 6 Aug)
  • Casual Teachers and the Performance and Development Framework (Tuesday, 25 Aug)
  • Gaining your teacher accreditation at Proficient Teacher (Tuesday, 28 July and Tuesday, 15 Sept)
  • Maintaining your teacher accreditation at Proficient Teacher (Wednesday, 29 July and Wednesday, 16 Sept)

Others webinars that you may also be interested in include:


  • Supporting student wellbeing after a disaster
  • Supporting teacher wellbeing after a disaster
  • Your voice and you

Other topics

  • Women and Work — Women’s workplace rights and entitlements (schools)
  • LGBTIQ-inclusive schools

These free, one-hour live webinars are offered after school (4–5pm) and contribute registered professional development hours towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

To view a full list of webinars visit www.www.nswtf.org.au/webinars. New webinars continue to be added and applications can be made online.

If you have questions about the webinars, please contact [email protected].