NSW government fails to address lack of funding and support for public schools

Today’s announcement by the Berejiklian Government to replace the discredited ‘Local Schools Local Decisions’ (LSLD) policy with ‘The School Success Model’ is more about spin than substance. It is yet another attempt to blame teachers and principals for system failures and the lack of adequate funding and support in our public schools.

“There is no evidence in today’s announcement of the restoration of the cuts in provision of specialist support to schools and the process of teaching and learning,” said NSW Teachers Federation president Angelo Gavrielatos.

“The introduction of LSLD saw the loss of over 800 officers from the Department of Education who worked directly with schools across NSW to support student learning.”

“The Government’s evaluation of LSLD admitted the policy was not designed and did not specifically aim to improve student outcomes.”

“The new policy will not address crippling administrative burdens placed on teachers and principals outlined in the Government’s own evaluation of LSLD.”

“As part of an ideological obsession, LSLD delivered massive cuts to resources and support for public schools. It shifted blame and responsibility onto schools and deflected accountability away from the Government and Department of Education.”

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