Understand anxiety to support students with disability: new CPL podcast

The CPL Podcast has returned in 2021 with a regular fortnightly release during school terms. The first episode for this year should be relevant to all teachers who teach students with a disability and who wish to better understand how to identify and manage anxiety in their classroom.

Our featured expert, Dr Roselyn Dixon has been a special education teacher in primary and high schools and a research academic involved with inclusive education for more than 25 years.

Dr Dixon explains that “every adolescent wants to be popular and accepted”, yet “there is stigma in our society about difference and that really comes out in adolescence”. She argues: “If you have an anxiety disorder you are going to find learning very difficult” because “it’s very hard to process information, to organise it and to retain it”.

In this episode there is discussion about what teachers can do to create calm, organised and predictable environments with an emphasis on the importance of teachers recognising that, “unless we deal with the anxiety disorder, we won’t be able to help these students very well”.

Most importantly, Dr Dixon is clear: “The good news is that there are signs which happen before the severe blowout” and reassures teachers that “you can actually preserve that student in the classroom”.

To listen to the episode, “Anxiety and Supporting Your Students with Disability K-12″ visit the CPL website at cpl.asn.au/podcasts.

Listening to the CPL podcast may also contribute towards elective professional development hours for your maintenance of accreditation and your professional learning goals for the Performance and Development Framework.