Teachers at Lithgow High walk off the job over staffing crisis

NSW Teachers Federation members at Lithgow High School walked off the job on Tuesday as a result of the impact the state-wide teacher shortage is having on their school.

NSW Teachers Federation deputy president Henry Rajendra said Lithgow High had several unfilled vacancies and while they remain, teaching and learning programs at the school are being severely affected.

“Lithgow High School, like many schools across the state has been hit by a significant lack of teachers to cover for unfilled positions and colleagues on leave,” Mr Rajendra said.

“The staff are concerned about the lack of systemic support from the Education Department which has left teachers under enormous pressure to cover classes when permanent and casual teachers could not be recruited.”

Our members have passed a motion condemning the NSW Government for its lack of support for Lithgow High School and other schools across the state as the current staffing crisis deepens.”

Mr Rajendra said Teachers Federation members at Lithgow High School have declared they would consider further action if the NSW Government did not provide the resources necessary to support the teaching and learning needs of their school.

“Over the past decade the NSW Government and Department have weakened previously successful processes that ensured adequate staffing of all schools across the state.”

“The NSW Government has let down students, parents and the wider community by failing to provide teachers for every student and every class.”

“The Education Department have known of the dire teacher shortage for some time but failed to address the problem. It is grossly unfair for students, and in many cases, those with the most complex learning needs.”