Educate for anti-racism, equity and inclusion

Harmony Week (21–27 March) is an opportunity for schools to honour cultural diversity, with a focus on inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone in our communities.

Members in schools are encouraged to work together to promote the message of Harmony Week — Everyone Belongs — to celebrate multicultural Australia, from the oldest, continuous cultures of our First Nations people to the cultures of our newest arrivals from all parts of the world.

By leading our communities in the appreciation of difference and respect for each other, we can promote peace, inclusiveness and build strength in belonging.

Activities could include sharing cultural heritage, practices, beliefs, identities and languages. Visit these links to plan how your school can celebrate Harmony Week 2022:

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Speak out
Monday 21 March was United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Commonly known as Harmony Day, it takes its date from the Sharpeville massacre that took place during a civil rights event in apartheid South Africa in 1960. Since 1966, the world has observed this date as being the day that freedom from racial discrimination should be recognised as being a human right.

As teachers, we should stand up, educate and advocate for anti-racism, equity and inclusion within our schools and the wider community. Harmony Week is an opportunity to encourage people to use their voice to speak out against racism and to mobilise against all manifestations of discrimination and injustice.