Federation calls on Premier to honour his commitment that no teacher would fall behind on wages

With inflation now running at 5.1 per cent, the NSW Teachers Federation today called on Premier Dominic Perrottet to honour his commitment that no public sector worker would fall behind on wages.

NSW Teachers Federation President Angelo Gavrielatos said the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose more in the March quarter (2.1 per cent) than the Government was currently offering teachers (2.04 per cent) for one year.

Mr Perrottet told the Today Show on 6 April that: Obviously as the cost of living rises, I don’t want any of our public servants, particularly those who have been on the frontline looking after our community over the last two challenging years, to fall behind.

The Premier also said today that we want our teachers to be paid the best.

Now is the time for the Premier to deliver on his commitment and ensure salary increases for teachers reflect the value of the work that they do, said Mr Gavrielatos.

The Premier’s pay offer of 2.04 per cent on the same day CPI is at 5.1 per cent will put teachers behind, force more to leave the profession, and result in classes continuing to not be covered.

It’s time that the Premier and Minister realise that if they do not pay teachers what they deserve, they will not attract or retain the teachers we need, and kids will continue to miss out.

Mr Gavrielatos said the Premier was right to acknowledge teacher shortages are affecting schools across NSW.

In our recent member poll, 89 per cent of teachers and principals said that teacher shortages were a very significant issue, he added.

We can’t fix the shortages problem without fixing the workload and wages problem.