14 initial teacher education students awarded $4000 Federation scholarships

The union awarded 14 Future Teacher Scholarships in a presentation at Annual Conference today (Sunday).

Each scholarship recipient is a student member of the union, enrolled in a NESA-accredited initial teacher education program.

The scholarship categories and recipients are:

  • Identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander: Jake Heath
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse: Lan Hai Anh Tran and Michelle Cheung
  • From a rural or remote area: Jay Ewers and Britt Walker
  • Open: Holly Bramble, Bethany Harrison, Emily Martin, Chloe Ong, Anna Tang and Brieanna Watson
  • First year of studies: Genia Furlong and Georgia Wheatley
  • John Kaye Memorial Scholarship (awarded to an applicant who demonstrates a strong commitment to the environment and/or social justice causes): Caitlin Doyle-Markwick.

Applicants were asked to demonstrate their understanding of the value of both public education and unions to our society, and to demonstrate their own commitment to both.

Scholarships amplify the union’s story

Promotion of Federation’s Future Teacher Scholarships in universities is an opportunity to publicise the union to the teachers of the future. In doing so, we share:

  • our purpose: To protect and improve teachers’ working conditions and salaries, within the public education system
  • our vision: A strong public education system with a well-qualified and supported teaching profession, free from political interference
  • our culture: We work together to strengthen our efficacy on improving our working lives. We unite in action to achieve our democratically determined objectives. We advocate to achieve fair and just outcomes for members and public education. We share what we know to empower our actions, our true power. We offer support to our member colleagues to enhance their capacity to solve workplace problems
  • our history: For more than 100 years, Federation has fought for just wages and conditions, equal pay, Aboriginal education, superannuation, professional standards, a statewide staffing agreement, support for students with disability, teacher housing and education funding among other gains.

University students studying teacher education in NSW can join Federation as Future Teacher members; fees are waived until members begin working in the NSW public education system.

Not yet a member? Join today.