You’re called to a meeting: FAQs

What are my rights when I am called to a meeting?
You are expected to attend but you should be told the purpose of the meeting and provided with an agenda. You are entitled to bring a support person to any meeting you are asked to attend. This would normally be the Fed Rep, Women’s Contact or a close colleague. Ask your support person to take notes, place a pause on the meeting if they feel you need some time to consider matters or they want to privately discuss an issue that is raised. You should debrief with them after the meeting. Federation has advice to assist members in the support person role.

What are the signs that my supervisor or principal has performance concerns?
If there are issues, your supervisor, supported by the principal, must provide you with evidence showing how you are not meeting a particular teaching standard by citing specific examples. They must also clearly communicate to you what areas of practice need to improve and how you will be supported so that this will occur.

What if the meeting is to start a Teacher Improvement Program?
Your Federation Organiser may be available to attend meetings around Teacher Improvement Programs, not as a support person but as a Federation Officer, to ensure due process has been followed. If possible, they attend meetings in week 1, 5 and 10 of a Teacher Improvement Program. You should continue to take your support person to all meetings.

What should I do if the meeting is about complaints, conduct or child protection matters?
Federation advice is to sit and listen. You are not required to respond at the meeting. Request any questions in writing and seek Federation advice and support with your response.

Am I entitled to know who made the complaint and am I entitled to a copy of the complaint?
You may not be provided with a copy of the actual complaint nor told who has made the complaint about you. You will be provided with the issues raised in the complaint and specific points that require a response from you. Members are encouraged to access the members’ section of Federation’s website for leaflets on complaints handling and teacher rights. Where meetings are in relation to complaints, allegations or performance concerns, members are advised to contact the Federation for advice and support on 1300 654 367.