YES vote to PABO will force Government to revise TAFE salaries and conditions offer

Congratulations to TAFE members for their overwhelming support of Federation’s campaign to protect salaries and working conditions and stop the casualisation of TAFE’s workforce.

More than 67.9 per cent of our TAFE members voted in a protected action ballot and overwhelmingly voted yes to undertaking different types of industrial actions in rejection of the State Government’s salary cap and to demand TAFE bargain ‘in good faith’. Further advice will be provided to TAFE members regarding the timing of future industrial action.

Ninety five per cent voted for stoppages of up to four hours and 93 per cent voted for full-day strike action.

A relatively small but resolute campaign team of 160 members used every second available to encourage members to vote yes to the questions. They:

  • visited TAFE colleges
  • put up thousands of posters
  • handed out flyers
  • spoke at branch meetings
  • engaged in conversations with members
  • contacted 2100 members in a phone banking exercise.

While the battle is far from over and we are a long way from winning all the victories needed to rebuild TAFE to the world class, strong, public vocational education and training provider it once was, today’s victory is a significant milestone.

Together we can continue to take action to stop the decline in TAFE salaries and working conditions, reverse the casualisation of TAFE teaching positions and restore the quality education TAFE students, teachers and this country deserve to address the escalating skill shortages.