Get RED-dy for day of action

Federation has called on members to stand up and stand out for a day of action on Wednesday, 12 October, including a rally outside the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) in Parramatta.

Federation Executive met last Friday and called for a day of member action across NSW in response to the NSW Government’s decision to ram a three-year award through the IRC on Wednesday.

The Government would rather use the IRC to push through its agenda – which includes a real wage cut – than commit to genuine negotiations with Federation to address the uncompetitive salaries and unsustainable workloads that have caused the teacher shortage crisis.

We can’t let this day pass without protest!

Members from Greater Western Sydney and surrounds are authorised to rally at the Industrial Relations Commission in Smith Street, Parramatta, from 7:30am until 8:30am on the morning of 12 October.

RSVP and let us know that you will join us at Parramatta on Wednesday morning.

For those too far away to attend, the event will be streamed live on our Facebook page. At the same time as the IRC action we will also be taking action in a number of regional areas. Click here for regional locations and to RSVP.

On the day, Federation also encourages all members to wear red to school and take part in a social media campaign aimed at expressing anger over the Perrottet Government’s failure to address unsustainable workloads and uncompetitive salaries.

Let’s be clear about what the Government’s action in the IRC means for you:

  • A capped 2.53 per cent pay rise a year at a time when inflation is 6.1 per cent and is tipped to reach 7.75 per cent. So, a real wage cut is all the reward the Government is prepared to deliver for your efforts.
  • No action on unsustainable workloads. The Government’s award application fails to address the crippling workloads contributing to 60 per cent of teachers indicating they plan to leave the workforce in the next five years.

As Federation President Angelo Gavrielatos said: There is nothing more important in education than ensuring every child is taught by a qualified teacher every day, in every lesson.”

Rather than negotiate with teachers, the Premier and Minister have chosen to make reckless announcements through the media during the school vacation period.

Such announcements have demonstrated the contempt the Perrottet Government holds for teachers, students and public education.

The Government last week admitted the pay of teachers was uncompetitive. But its only plan is to give an unknown number of top-of-the-scale teachers a pay rise via a yet-to-be-determined performance pay process.

Last week’s announcement on release time” from the Government doesn’t cut it.

The announcement of unfunded temporary release time” is no solution to the unsustainable workloads of teachers. It is a little more time to do a lot more work. It does not address the issue of crippling workloads associated with the out-of-control admin burden, nor does it offer a structural solution to address the totally inadequate amount of time teachers have to plan, prepare and collaborate.

On Wednesday, let’s make them see red!