Elections conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission 

  • Branch Executive Election - E2020/101 (Important notice)

    The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) ordinarily conducts the Branch Executive election at the first Branch Council meeting of each year but has indicated they will not be conducting in person ballots at this time.

    Federation Executive, at their meeting on 1 December, resolved the following:

    The Australian Education Union NSW Teachers Federation Branch Executive resolve to make an application, pursuant to section 183(1) of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009, for an exemption from subsection 182(1) – the requirement that the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) conducts elections in relation to a collegiate election for the Branch Executive.

    In accordance with Branch Rule 14 Composition of Branch Executive, four (4) Branch Vice-Presidents, two (2) Branch Custodians, one (1) representative of members on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Members’ roll, and eight (8) representatives from Associations are elected annually by and from the Branch Council. The intent of seeking an exemption is so the Branch Returning Officer can conduct the election.

  • Branch Conference Delegates - E2020/181
  • Federal conference delegate - E2019/231 (on hold due to COVID-19)

Elections conducted internally by the Federation

Post-Election Reports


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