Membership rates

The current (2022) full time membership fee for a permanent teacher is $901.04 ($34.66 per fortnight). The full time temporary teacher rate is $600.70 ($23.10 per fortnight).

Reduced rates apply to casual, part-time, retired and student teachers. An hourly rate is available for TAFE teachers. A variety of payment options are available including direct debit and credit card payments.

To view the Membership rates for Schools click here

To view the Membership rates for TAFE click here

To view the Membership rates for TAFE Part time Casual teachers click here

Please note that if you are currently employed on a part time temporary engagement and are working day to day casual on the other days of the week, you will only be required to pay the part time temporary fees but you will be automatically covered for all the work you carry out as a casual teacher in NSW public schools.

If you are currently appointed part time permanent and work part time temporary other days of the week, please contact he membership section to be advised of a combined rate that will ensure you are fully protected.

Please remember your Federation fees do not cover you for any work you may do as a teacher in a non government school. 

General membership rates 2022
TAFE membership rates 2022
TAFE part time casual teacher rates 2022


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