Don't scrap Gonski for temporary budget fix, says AEU

Funding schools properly is an investment that will deliver economic returns in the future and should not be scrapped as a temporary fix to the budget, the Australian Education Union's submission to the Senate Select Committee on School Funding Investment says.

In the 2014-15 federal budget, the Coalition flagged it will not fund the Gonski needs-based school funding model beyond 2017. The inquiry is examining the impact of the cuts on schools and students in regional, rural and remote areas.

Federation members are urged to phone a nearby federal Coalition member of parliament or NSW Coalition senator prior to the May 3 federal Budget to impress upon them the absolute necessity of delivering full Gonski funding in the Budget.

Click here for contact details of MPs and senators.

The Australian Education Union's submission to the inquiry outlines the kinds of programs that have been undertaken with Gonski funding and improved student outcomes. It states that if needs-based Gonski funding is not maintained these improved outcomes are at risk.

Submissions to the inquiry are now closed. Hearings have been conducted in Brisbane and Canberra, with no further hearings currently planned.

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