All About Women, Sydney Opera House on March 4, 2018

The Sydney Opera House’s annual talks and ideas festival “All About Women” is timed to coincide with events in the lead up to International Women’s Day. The 2018 program, Curated by Edwina Throsby (formerly the TEDxSydney Head of Curation and founder and producer of ABC’s Big Ideas) offered talks and discussions, live podcasts and group lessons exploring the ability of food to bring like-minded people together.

One of the sessions we attended was “Suffragettes to social media: waves of feminism”. The panel, chaired by Edwina Throsby included Barbara Caine, Anne Summers, Rebecca Walker and Nakkiah Lui. (Information about each of the speakers can be found here:

The panel discussed the ‘waves of feminism’ as a way to celebrate how far we’ve come and to look forward to an empowered future. Each speaker was preceded by a short animation. It was a great summary introduction to the history of Feminism by very engaging speakers.

Links to watch in sequence

To view past All About Women talks, visit the Sydney Opera House Talks and Ideas YouTube or listen on iTunes or via this link.