Sam Lewis Peace Prize winners

Year 1 students at Canley Vale Public School have won Federation’s Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Award with their short film called the “Kindness Project”.

The award was presented at the March Council meeting by Sam Lewis’s daughter Jeannie, who said the students of 1L and their inspirational teachers had “really lifted my spirit” and in the context of a world with so much violence it clearly echoed the notion that our path to peace is through our children.

The Canley Vale students made a simple video of them undertaking random acts of kindness, such as presenting flowers to their librarian and drawing pictures for canteen volunteers, filmed by teacher Lam Phuong.

Class 1L’s achievement was noted by local media, with the Fairfield City Champion running a story on 15 December

Sam Lewis was a former Federation President and peace activist who always noted that children are the first victims of war.

The presentation at Council also marked the launch of the 2018 competition, with a total of $4000 in prizes in categories for students from kindergarten to post-school.

A big thanks to our dedicated and enthusiastic Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Award Committee members Adam Curlis, Marianna Valeri, Melina Ragusa, Janine Kitson and Darren Mearrick, plus enthusiastic volunteer Peter Wietzel.

Please see for the 2018 competition details.