Association works towards wider participation

As the first term of the 2018 school year came to an end, teachers from the St Marys-Mt Druitt Association gathered for an afternoon of barefoot bowls and pizza.

The event provided an opportunity for members to meet the local teachers who are elected to lead the Association and to network with other Federation members from across the area.

TA President Rob Samuels, from Blackwell Public School, was keen to promote the Association’s proud history of activism and encourage new members to come along to regular meetings.

“The activism of this Association has been critical in Federation’s priority campaigns,” he told the gathered teachers. “Whether it is the staffing campaign, or schools funding, or equity programs, this Association has always stepped up and fought hard for public education and the St Marys-Mt Druitt community.

“We need to keep bringing new faces into the Association to ensure we have a depth and breadth of representation that reflects the work and concerns of teachers in classrooms from across our school communities.”

To find out when the next meeting of your Teachers Association is scheduled, go to and scroll through the events or call (02) 9217 2100.

Michael de Wall, City Organiser