NSW Teachers Federation Trainee Teacher Scholarships — an investment in building the profession

Today $60,000 in Trainee Teacher Scholarships have been awarded at the NSW Teachers Federation’s centennial Annual Conference.

The scholarships are an example of the union’s commitment to building and supporting the teaching profession in schools.

Open category scholarship recipients are:

  • Amalina Abu Bakar — Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Macquarie University
  • Emma Guffogg — Bachelor of Education (K-12), Charles Sturt University
  • Vivian Hanan — Master of Teaching (Secondary), University of Sydney
  • Jocelyn King — Master of Teaching (Secondary), University of New England
  • Philip Reuter — Master of Teaching, University of Wollongong
  • Jack Thompson-Gardener — Bachelor of Education (Technology and Applied Studies), Charles Sturt University
  • Jed Venn — Master of Teaching (Secondary), Western Sydney University
  • Lauren Webster — Master of Teaching (Secondary), Australian Catholic University

Niall Williams is the recipient of the John Kaye Memorial Scholarship, awarded to an applicant who demonstrates a strong commitment to the environment and/or social justice causes:

Restricted scholarships (and their recipients are):


  • Future Teacher who identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander: Katrina Gibbs — (Bachelor of Education (Primary), University of Newcastle
  • Future Teacher from a Language Background other than English: Iman Sayed — Masters of Teaching (Secondary), University of Sydney
  • Future Teacher from a rural or remote area:
    • Linda Forrester — Bachelor of Education (K-12), University of New England
    • Maddison Johnson — Bachelor of Science Education (Dean’s Scholar), University of Wollongong
  • Future Teacher in their first year of a Teacher Training Course: Ruby Blake — Bachelor of Primary Education, University of Notre Dame
  • Future Teacher in their first year of a Teacher Training Course (sponsored by the Retired Teachers Association): Robert Vai — Master of Teaching (Secondary), University of Western Sydney

Applicants for the scholarships must submit a supporting statement demonstrating their understanding of the value of public education and unions, to society; as well as their commitment to both.