Federation members stand with refugees

Federation is again proud to endorse, support and promote this years’ Palm Sunday Rally and March. It comes at a time that is critical to both refugees and asylum seekers themselves seeking our humanity and compassion, as well as the continuing discussion in Australia and context of a looming federal election.

Federation members should meet this Sunday April 14th at 2pm at Belmore Park, near central station. Speakers include Dr Munjed Al Muderis (Iraqui refugee and renowned surgeon) and Craig Foster (football legend and ‘Save Hakeem’ campaigner).

The pressure to dismantle offshore detention on Manus and Nauru is growing. The refugee rights movement has forced the government to bring hundreds of children and their families off Nauru since last August. Prime Minister Scott Morrison only narrowly avoided a humiliating defeat in parliament in December over children on Nauru and medical transfers from the offshore camps. He was forced to close down parliament early to avoid a bill backed by crossbench MPs, Labor and The Greens.

The Coalition refuses to offer even a “single act of compassion” for refugees and asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru, ramping up racism and fear in a desperate effort to win votes.

But there are now over 600 refugees from Manus and Nauru who have remained in Australia due to legal action and political pressure ever since 2016’s Let Them Stay campaign. However they remain in limbo without permanent visas, so that adults are unable to work or study.

The government needs to welcome all refugees and provide fair processing and a secure future.

The health crisis for those remaining on Manus and Nauru is still acute. We need to continue the pressure to close the camps and bring everyone here to live in the community.

The tensions between the US and China are also rising, as the countries engage in an escalating trade war and military rivalry. The standoff over Korea is still unresolved, with the danger of nuclear war still continuing.

As public school and TAFE teachers, we see the effect that such traumatic experiences have on the families and children who have so far made it into our classrooms.Federation members have a proud history of welcoming those of refugee backgrounds into our public education communities

Federation holds significant policy which states that mandatory detention is not only an unfair and unjust way to treat refugees, but is cruel to those who legally seek our protection.

Federation has long been proud advocates for refugee’s rights in society. It is why we endorse and support the Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees.

Please join us this Sunday to say yes to refugees, peace, justice and unity!