Meeting sought over significant underpayment issues

The Department has met with Federation to discuss significant issues relating to the underpayment of a “large numbers of teachers”, after the union has been inundated with complaints.

The delays have been explained by the Department as occurring due the unprecedented amount of requests received by EdConnect since the last SAP migration on 2 November, 2018.

In a letter to the Department’s Deputy Secretary, Federation stated: “The chronic, protracted issues associated with SAP HR are widespread among the Federation’s membership and are a significant concern for the union.”

Federation will assert in the meeting with the Department that the implementation of SAP HR has negatively affected members’ health and wellbeing

“Members of Federation continue to report inordinate delays with the time taken by EdConnect to rectify salary underpayments,” the letter states.

“Federation members are also being underpaid due to administrative practices that have been instituted by the Department pertaining to leave and salary determinations.”

The areas of chief concern fit into four main categories:

  • incremental progressions
  • the “on-boarding” process
  • default salary determinations
  • 21-day limit for leave applications.

Regarding the issue of incremental progressions, some teachers are waiting up to five months or more to be placed on the correct salary rate.

Teachers entering duty for a permanent position are initially being employed on a temporary basis and there is no capacity for SAP HR to recognise the date on which they, in reality, entered duty as a permanent employee.

EdConnect is insisting that teachers complete a salary determination application for combining Department service and rejecting these applications if they occur outside of their six-month time limit for applications.

The Department is placing teachers on unauthorised leave where they have been absent and haven’t submitted a leave application within 21 days without establishing exceptional circumstances.

Federation also indicated it may seek the assistance of the Industrial Relations Commission, if the issues in dispute cannot be resolved satisfactorily.

While the Federation is pursuing issues pertaining to salaries at this point in time, it is also taking up the broader matters of concern with SAP HR pertaining to leave, allowances and workload.