Director, Centre for Professional Learning

The tenure for this position is 28 January 2020 until 26 January 2023

The Centre for Professional Learning (CPL) was established by the NSW Teachers Federation (the Federation) to provide high quality training and support for Federation members in a range of educational areas.

The courses and conferences provide practical, tested and well researched approaches to issues that face teachers every day at the school level. The CPL aims to offer programs that are useful across the spectrum of a teacher’s career from the early years of teaching to the experienced and leadership levels. Courses and conferences are conducted in-person, as well as online.

The Journal of Professional Learning (JPL) is an online professional journal that seeks to enhance the quality of teaching and of public education in NSW and Australia. It has been established as an adjunct to the work of the CPL. JPL podcasts are professional conversations around practical and important aspects of teaching and public education.

Duties of the Director

The Director is responsible to the General Secretary for their role in the operations of the CPL, the Director is required to:

1. address the priorities of the Federation and the CPL by leading and coordinating the overall planning, organisation and delivery of CPL program including courses and conferences, and overseeing the JPL editions and podcasts;
2. manage the CPL Assistant Director and the CPL administrative staff;
3. maintain close relationships with the membership and assist them with issues related to their professional learning through the operations of the CPL. This will include the coordination of courses and conferences, overseeing the editing of the JPL and overseeing the production of podcasts;
4. attend CPL courses and conferences;
5. effectively manage all aspects of CPL administration and planning meetings;
6. prepare, submit and oversee the CPL annual budget, including authorisation for all expenditure;
7. report to the Committee of Management of the CPL, the Executive, Council, Conference and Senior Officers of the union;
8. attend Annual Conference, Council and CPL Committee of Management meetings whenever not prevented by carrying out other duties, and attend Executive if required to provide reports and advice to the Executive; and
9. recruit new members as a part of their work.

    While the Director is appointed to a specialised position, they may be required to undertake other duties as requested by the General Secretary.

    In order to comply with NESA accreditation requirements and meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, the Director will be required to engage with a negotiated Performance and Development Framework over time.

    The Director is based in the Federation in Surry Hills and at times is required to travel to other parts of the state to conduct the operations of the CPL. The Director may be required to work hours that take into account the extended hours of operation for the delivery of the CPL program. It is expected that the Director have a current NSW driver’s licence.

    The Director will have responsibility to:

    1. coordinate and lead the organisation, promotion and conduct of CPL professional learning including courses and conferences in collaboration with the Assistant Director, and work with presenters involved in the development of events;
    2. lead promotion of CPL events and resources to optimise membership access;
    3. organise the development of course and conference materials;
    4. liaise with Professional Officers and other sections of the Federation as appropriate in the delivery of the CPL program of professional learning for members;
    5. supervise the Assistant Director in their role as Editor of the JPL including the online journal and podcasts;
    6. assist the Assistant Director to consult with the Senior Officers, as appropriate, on the content of the JPL and podcasts;
    7. report to the CPL Committee of Management about the operations of the CPL; and
    8. effectively manage/deploy staff to meet the operational requirements of the CPL, including leave management in accordance with the enterprise agreement, monitoring of staff performance, professional development, mentoring and guidance.

    Position criteria

    • Complete commitment to the goals of the Federation and the principles of public education
    • Capacity to lead the operations of the CPL to support the goals of the Federation
    • Wide experience in teaching and education at a senior level
    • Knowledge of, and skills in, exemplary current practice and issues in professional learning
    • Knowledge of the range of modes of professional learning
    • Skills in the principles of adult education
    • Ability to liaise with the full range of personnel involved in the operation of the CPL
    • Capacity to expand the scope of the CPL to cover the full range of Federation members in schools
    • Capacity to work with external organisations and individuals engaged in education and to build professional networks
    • Demonstrated experience in the management and supervision of staff.

    Salary and conditions

    The salary will be equal to that of a deputy principal (high school) under the relevant teacher award and the working conditions, superannuation arrangements and leave provisions will be commensurate with those of Professional Officers of the Federation. The Director will be expected to attend meetings of the Council and Executive of the union.


    Candidates should apply to the Federation Deputy Secretary (Communication and Administration), with a written application, not exceeding four A4 pages, that addresses the position criteria with reference to the job description and the names and contact details of two referees.

    Applications will be accepted up to 4pm on Wednesday, 16 October, 2019 and should be marked Confidential: Attention Nicole Calnan, Deputy Secretary (Communication and Administration), NSW Teachers Federation and either forwarded by email to [email protected] or by post to Locked Bag 3010, Darlinghurst 1300.

    Enquiries should be sent to [email protected], attention to Nicole Calnan, Deputy Secretary (Communication and Administration).