Council report: 26 October 2019

Important time to be active

As the union enters into negotiations for a new schools Award, there has never been a more important time for all members to be actively involved in union activities. Attending Federation workplace and Association meetings are critical to ensure you are up to date with the latest developments.

Motions from Associations

As well as addressing a number of substantive policy issues, Council debated several Motions from Associations that will result in the union pursuing matters aimed at improving behaviour support in schools, teacher housing, Access Requests as well as concerns around private providers delivering PDHDE and CAPA programs in primary schools.

Motions from Associations allow for local Councillors to raise issues brought to them at a local level and potentially debate them at one of the key decision-making bodies of the union. This embodies the democratic activist traits that the union prides itself on.

October Council also saw the election of 2020’s pool of Relief Officers. Candidates came from across the membership.

World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day was celebrated in NSW on 25 October. Federation marked the day by releasing a video capturing the theme “Young teachers: The future of the profession”. You can view the video by visiting any of Federation’s social media pages.

It was fantastic to see the support shown by our young members. Recruitment of young members is critical to the ongoing strength of the union. Contact Federation’s membership section or your local Organiser for details on how you can obtain new member packs to assist you in recruiting new members.

Nicole Canlan, Deputy Secretary (Communication and Administration)