Preschool funding campaign starts week of action

Monday marked the beginning of a national week of action in support of the Preschool Funding Now! campaign, as federal funding runs out at the end of the year.

Children who attend preschool can expect to achieve greater academic success, have better career prospects, better health and stronger family and personal relationships.

Despite the benefits, funding for preschool from the Morrison Government is set to run out in 2020, creating uncertainty for parents and educators. Without Commonwealth funding, universal access to 15 hours of preschool is not guaranteed.

The Preschool Funding Now! campaign is calling on the Government to commit to a high-quality, permanently funded preschool sector. Join us and help ensure every child in Australia gets the best start in life.

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What you can do

  • Request a Preschool Funding Now! postcard pack from the Australian Education Union by emailing [email protected] or download the postcards.
  • Ask families and colleagues to sign the postcards and return them by the reply-paid envelope (included in the postcard pack) by the 10 March, 2020. If you have chosen to download postcards from the website simply scan and email them to [email protected].

The postcards will be delivered to the Federal Government in March 2020 to demonstrate that families, communities and the profession demand the Federal Government remain committed to preschool children, families and the profession.