Staffing campaign: what your school can get

Phone calls to parents or checking on a student’s head space, planning a lesson or reflecting on how it went, marking or contacting other professionals about a child’s welfare, speaking with colleagues to meet students’ needs or catching up on professional learning.

What is still left on your weekly “todo” list after your limited amount of release time?

Federation is continuing to campaign with members across the state for additional release time for teachers and a curriculum guarantee for every student. Your workplace has the opportunity to have a say in the campaign with the aim of taking your concerns to your local state MP.

Maintaining a strong commitment to improving student outcomes, engaging in effective collegial practice and undertaking ongoing professional learning is at the very heart of what teachers and principals do.

They deserve additional time to do all that is required in order to meet the needs of students, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult as the amount of time spent on administration, data collection and compliance (that is rarely fit for purpose) are distracting them from the core endeavour of teaching and learning.


For rural and remote schools, with relatively smaller school populations, subject offerings for students are limited.

These children are missing out on many subjects and exciting learning opportunities that are available in larger schools, mostly found in metropolitan settings.

“This not good enough for our students,” Deputy President Henry Rajendra said. “That’s why we are seeking enhancements to the number of teachers at every school across the state.

“It is unacceptable that many students are denied access to the full breadth of a comprehensive curriculum taught by suitably qualified permanent teachers.”

Schools for Specific Purposes, support classes and units, rural and remote schools, difficult to staff schools, and schools with greater, identified student need (Aboriginal background, socio- economic status background, location, disability or English language proficiency) have not been provided the necessary permanent, specialist, qualified and accredited teachers to meet the learning needs of every student.

In essence, the State Government and the Department have failed to address excessive teacher workload and ensure a curriculum guarantee for all students.

As part of the campaign, Federation has drawn up a workplace motion that calls on the NSW Government to address these issues, and concerns that stem from them, and for your school to make its voice heard.

Federation Representatives are asked to coordinate this action to secure support for the campaign in every school by calling a workplace meeting to:

  • share the video link and staffing motion with all members at your school and seek support for the proposition. While it is preferred that this is achieved through a meeting of Federation members (face-to-face where appropriate or online) this can also be facilitated via email
  • send an email to Federation (mail@ with the motion attached, confirming the support of members at your school.

For further information about holding a Federation Zoom meeting at your school, please contact your Organiser, who will also have further resources around the campaign.