Profile: Gwabegar Public School

Gwabegar Public School is an 8-point school located in the heart of the Pilliga Forest  —  the oasis in the scrub  —  in the state’s north-west and is 250 kilometres north of Dubbo.

This year, 12 students are enrolled and the school has been able to create two multi-stage classes: K-2 and 4-6.

The school offers many programs, which cater for the wide range of abilities among the students including sport, Chinese and STEM and creative arts.

Gwabegar Public School staff place strong emphasis on the positive recognition of student achievements and a focus on student wellbeing ensures fairness and safety for all students.

The staff believe in a close relationship with all parents. When parents and teachers work together and communicate productively, students develop positive attitudes towards school and learning. Parents and carers are regularly invited to the school to help celebrate student achievements across different learning areas.

The school has well-maintained, spacious and beautiful playgrounds and shade areas, further enriching the quality educational environment enjoyed by students. The school is fortunate to have its own bus and a full-sized, multi-purpose tennis court.

The school purchased bikes (and helmets) for students to ride at lunchtime. It’s a great way for students to remain active during breaks and develop confidence in a safe environment.

Weekly STEM lessons have increased students’ confidence in this key learning area. The use of virtual reality kits has increased students’ awareness of the world outside of Gwabegar. They regularly use Blu-bots, makey-makeys and EV3 to solve STEM-based problems.

Books in Homes, a charitable foundation, provides books-of-choice to children attending Gwabegar Public School, ensuring crucial early literacy engagement and the development of reading skills needed for lifelong achievement. During terms 1, 2 and 4 the school receives a pack of books from which children can order three titles. The books are given to students at a book presentation assembly, often by a special guest. The preview packs are donated to the library, so the school library receives an extra 144 books per year. The school has been involved in this wonderful literacy initiative for more than 10 years.