Urgent need for more school counsellors

Enough is enough. A school counsellor to student ratio of 1:500 is well overdue.

The NSW Teachers Federation is supporting the Sunday Telegraph’s campaign to increase support for our students needing early intervention and professional help, to maintain their mental health.

“Student welfare is a priority for teachers and principals. The totally inadequate school counsellor to student ratio puts children at risk,” said NSW Teachers Federation President Angelo Gavrielatos.

“School counsellors are the interface between education and mental health services. They identify learning and developmental problems and they work with principals, teachers and parents to assist our students.”

“A school counsellor to student ratio of 1:500 was recommended almost 20 years ago. Since that time need has grown exponentially yet we are still waiting.”

“Our school counsellors are dedicated committed professionals doing all they can, but their caseload is just not manageable. Student need has become incredibly more complex.”

“Beyond the impact of Covid-19, a summer of catastrophic fires, and following years of drought in our regions, the changing nature of our society sees many of our students more vulnerable than ever.”

“Early face to face access to a school counsellor is the key to identifying and effectively addressing issues affecting young people.”

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