Union’s micro event adds volume to student-led climate change advocacy

Federation is proud to support student climate activists who are prepared to act to protect their future. On 25 September Federation held an online event, in solidarity with the Build our Future Climate Justice & Jobs National Day of Action.

The student organisers seek a sustainable environment in addition to a sustainable economy. They oppose using taxpayers’ money to prop up the gas industry, advocating the money could be better spent investing in renewable energy, which will create sustainable jobs and help fight the climate crisis.

Last year Federation commended the young activists for organising mass rallies on 15 March and 20 September, at which people of all ages united as part of global strike action to promote reduced carbon emissions.

This year rather than conduct mass rallies for the day of action, citizens from all walks of life were encouraged to organise their own boutique, COVID-safe events, to which Federation responded by organising a Zoom meeting for Officers and staff.

Members in schools across the state also showed their solidarity with a photo with colleagues bearing the message #fundourfuturenotgas. Campaign allies wore yellow and/or a hint of yellow, as an expression of their support.

Federation policy calls on the Australian government to commit to publicly owned, 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030, just transition to green jobs now and no new sources of fossil fuels.