Wear purple on 27 August and foster year-round support of LGBTIQ youth

Research shows that 75 per cent of LGBTIQ youth will be bullied just for being who they are.

But, by sharing stories and starting conversations our schools and workplaces can become safer places for them.

Wear it Purple Day, an annual event that strives to foster supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for rainbow young people, will take place on Friday 27 August.

Federation encourages members to demonstrate their support and start these conversations by wearing purple on 27 August, whether you are in a workplace or working remotely.

Download a zoom background for your virtual Wear it Purple event: option one or option two.

Further details, including resources and how to register your event, can be found at wearitpurple.org.

This year’s theme – Start the conversion… keep it going – encourages LGBTIQ community members and allies to share their own stories and to keep sharing throughout the year, not just on Wear it Purple Day.

As Wear It Purple President Ross Wetherbee said: “The power of storytelling and visibility enables our rainbow youth to hear from those who have gone before them, their struggles and triumphs, and know that no matter where they’re at right now, there is so much hope and a million possibilities awaiting them.”