Clarification of duties given to casual teachers

With the teacher shortage hitting crisis point in NSW, casual teachers are in high demand more than ever.

With the teacher shortage effects worsening and the pressures that come with it for the entire school community, casual teachers need to be equipped with the right information regarding their working conditions and day-to-day organisation.

Am I required to develop lessons for the casual day I am engaged?
Teachers who are on planned leave will often leave lesson content and resources for the casual teacher who is taking their classes on that day.

If a teacher has taken unplanned leave, assistance should be provided from the faculty head teacher or the assistant principal, including where the class/es are up to in their learning so that the casual teacher can continue from that point.

On occasion, casual teachers may need to teach their own pre-prepared learning activities for the day.

Casual teachers should always be prepared with a range of learning activities suitable to their teacher qualifications.

Am I required to write programs and assessments when engaged as a day-to-day casual?
No, there is no expectation that casual teachers are required to write programs or assessments for day-to-day casual bookings. This expectation is different for teachers relieving in a temporary engagement or those required to take on regular classes for blocks of work while employed.

Am I required to attend meetings after school?
No, not unless there has been prior consultation with the principal and your attendance is deemed to be in the interests of the school, while also taking into consideration your family and community commitments.

Can I attend school development days? If so, do I get paid?
Casual teachers are encouraged to attend staff development days where possible. When a casual teacher attends a school development day, they are paid for that day. This is something that needs to be organised with the principal. It should be noted here that part-time temporary or permanent part-time teachers should also make arrangements with the principal as they may be engaged as a casual for the day or have an agreed day in lieu if they attend a staff development day that is outside of their usual days of work.