Voice date set: Let’s make history!

The Voice referendum has been set for Saturday, 14 October, meaning we now have only a matter of weeks to set Australia on a path to the right side of history. 

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese today announced the date for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum, with Federation now stepping up its campaign for a “Yes” vote in line with a decision of 2018 Annual Conference supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart in its entirety.  

We accepted the invitation from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to walk together in a movement of the Australian people for a better future towards Voice, Treaty and Truth. 

With the Prime Minister’s announcement, the ACTU has called on unionists around the country to amplify their voices for a “Yes” vote and the peak body will hold a “snap” town hall meeting online tonight at 7pm.   

It will be a concise 30-minute meeting for all unionists, who can head online to hear from ACTU leaders, Yes23 and Aboriginal AFL football legend Michael Long speaking about what it will take for the yes vote to win. 

If you are interested in joining the tele-town hall meeting at 7pm tonight please register here.

Federation has committed to supporting a yes vote in the upcoming referendum to acknowledge Indigenous Australians in the Constitution, and to establish a Voice to Parliament. The result of these actions will be better informed politicians and therefore better policies that will improve the quality of life of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.