Anna Stewart program

In 1983 the Anna Stewart Memorial Program was established in honour of a Victorian union official and long-time campaigner for women’s rights, Anna Stewart. This program is an affirmative action program aimed at developing the skills, knowledge and confidence of women members and empowering them to be actively involved in Federation in their workplace, local association or state level.

Applications are considered by the Women’s and Anna Stewart Program Restricted Committee, made up of six woman Federation members elected for a two year period by Council. The Department of Education supports the Anna Stewart Program.

More information about Anna Stewart and the program is available in this flyer.


The Program is available in two forms:

  1. The two week Council program in Terms 2, 3 and 4
  2. The Association Women’s Contact Training Course

Dates to come...

The Association Women's Contact Training Course

This course is part of the Federation’s Anna Stewart Memorial Program and is open to women who have been elected by their local Association as the Women’s Contact for the Association.

This course will run over three days. The first two days will be training and participants will design an Association based project to increase the local engagement and activism of women. Participants will then return for the third day to report on their project and share outcomes and strategies.

The course will develop a professional network of participants on the topic of women’s leadership and engagement. This will also enable members of the network to reflect on ways to engage effectively as leaders with the wider community.

At the end of this course participants will be able to interpret ethical roles and responsibilities of leadership and reflect on current skills with a view to identifying areas for development.

The course will also enable participants to apply communication frameworks in various contexts and create opportunities for women to develop and contribute to professional networks.

Participants will build productive links and support networks in their Association to increase the participation of women.



As an Anna Stewart Program participant you will be given the opportunity to work with a range of Federation officers, attend a Saturday State Council, and associated meetings, and observe Federation campaigns to develop an understanding of the processes and practices in our operations and dealings with the Department of Education and TAFE NSW. Anna Stewart participants could be required to attend meetings or events outside of administration hours.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • observe the central operations of the union
  • attend meetings with the Department, TAFE (and other organisations)
  • attend school and association meetings
  • observe cases in the Industrial Commission
  • prepare journal articles and research issues of concern to women
  • attend other union meetings – such as Unions NSW
  • participate in Federation’s current campaigns
  • work alongside substantive officers of the Federation.


All financial women members of the Federation are eligible to nominate.


If you are interested in nominating for the program, you can discuss this with the Women’s Coordinator, your Organiser, or other officer of the union. Nomination forms can be downloaded from this page. You will need to indicate your prior Federation experience (positions held, attending Federation meetings, conferences, trade union training or activity in campaigns). Your nomination needs to be supported by the President, Secretary or Organiser of your Association. There is a space on the form for a statement from the person supporting your application.


Yes. Federation will pay the cost of casual relief and the Department of Education or TAFE Institute will continue to pay you.


Do not let your location in relation to Sydney prevent you from nominating for the Anna Stewart Program. Country members are encouraged to nominate, and if selected Federation will provide accommodation within close proximity to Federation House.


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