Are you being paid what you are owed?

Federation is committed to pushing the NSW Government to
address the pay disparity that occurred as a result of the transition to
Standards-Based Remuneration (SBR), which unfairly impacts some public school
teachers who commenced prior to 2016. Aside from the issue of pay anomalies
affecting pre-2016 teachers and other groups – which the Government has
indicated will be considered in Award negotiations – it is clear some teachers
are not being paid their correct salary under the existing arrangements.

Regardless of whether teachers are on the common incremental scale or standards-based remuneration, progression from one salary level to the next is based on teaching experience and is based on years of full-time service (where each year consists of 203 teaching days).

The only exception is for teachers on standards-based remuneration, the progression from band 1 (graduate) to band 2 (proficient) also requires them to obtain their accreditation as a proficient teacher.

Common incremental scale

Standards-based remuneration

Progression on salary scales as a temporary or casual teacher will depend on when a teacher was first employed. When a teacher becomes permanent, all previous service with the Department, both temporary and casual, should be combined in a default salary determination.

There is also a mechanism in place for salary determinations based on teaching service in non-Department schools (within NSW, interstate and internationally) and on a pro-rata basis for child-rearing (one year of service being recognised for every three years).

The Department has established specific rules about when and how these processes apply including a time limit for making applications, which is the subject of ongoing discussions with Federation.

Teachers may obtain their service data from the Department portal via the SAP ESS tab. Federation members who believe that they are not receiving the correct salary should contact their Organiser or Professional Support for further advice.

– Sam Clay Deputy Secretary (Industrial/Research and Professional Support)