Collaboration central to development process

Page one of the Performance and Development Framework states: “The overarching purpose of the performance and development process is to support the ongoing improvement of student outcomes through continuous development of a skilled, effective and professional teaching workforce.”

A shared commitment to this outcome is set to be released by way of a jointly produced video between Federation and the Department. Federation President Maurie Mulheron and Department of Education Deputy Secretary Murat Dizdar demonstrated the collegial and professional nature the framework seeks to support by co-producing the resource.

The video, set for release this term, reiterates the rights and responsibilities of teachers and supervisors engaging in the performance and development process.

Mr Mulheron said teachers have a right to be supported in professional learning. “The processes re-affirm the professionalism of teachers through also upholding the responsibility of teachers to be involved in a negotiated process that facilitates professional growth as well as quality teaching and learning for students,” he said.

“Central to the framework is the value of teacher professional judgement and professionalism — for all teachers, at all levels.”

The video is set to reinforce aspects of the framework that are central to its collaborative nature and success.

The framework states: “Observation processes are to be negotiated in a collegial, mutually respectful manner, undertaken by an agreed colleague and documented.”

Mr Mulheron said: “This, the manner in which personal and professional goals are negotiated and everything else originally negotiated between Federation and the Department in 2016, remains unchanged.”

Jointly developed support materials for the Performance and Development Framework are available from Federation’s Professional Support section or the Department’s website.