Somalia: Education union seeks guarantee of teachers’ salaries during COVID-19 school closures

While all schools in Somalia have been closed, the Somali National Union of Teachers is actively working to ensure that teachers, particularly those working in private educational settings, will continue to receive their salaries.

Confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Somali Government decided to close all educational institutions, both public and private, to contain the spread of the virus. The closure became effective on 21 March and is to last until 3 April at least, though an extension of that deadline is likely.

The closure has had a huge financial impact on Somali teachers who mainly work in private schools, according to Yaqub Ali Moalim, General Secretary of the Somali National Union of Teachers. Private school owners have already said they are not going to pay teachers’ salaries should the lockdown continue, arguing that they depend on the fees paid by the parents.

Moalim stated that his union has been actively seeking a meeting with educational stakeholders to discuss salary issues, particularly with an umbrella organisation representing private school owners.

Article originally published by Education International.