The NSW Premier needs to listen to teachers and principals

The NSW Teachers Federation said today’s strike action sent a powerful message to the state’s premier about the need to act on salaries, workloads and growing teacher shortages.

NSWTF president Angelo Gavrielatos said tens of thousands of teachers across NSW had participated in the first 24 hour stoppage in a decade.

Mr Gavrielatos said the dispute was now in the hands of the Premier who had the power to prevent further industrial action.

“It is disappointing that the only action the government has chosen to take on unsustainable workloads and uncompetitive salaries is legal action to try and prevent today’s strike,” he said.

“Mr Perrottet needs to consider carefully the anger and concern displayed today by teachers and principals in every corner of NSW.

“If Mr Perrottet wants to be known as the family premier, he needs to stop children missing out at school due to a lack of teachers.

“The Department of Education has repeatedly warned the government about growing teacher shortages and how unsustainable workloads and uncompetitive wages are making it harder to attract the teachers NSW needs.

“The idea that a 10-year wages cap is an appropriate response to teacher shortages, rising student enrolments and a 30% decline in the number of people studying teaching is beyond comprehension.

“Teacher shortages exist because other professions pay better and the workloads are lower.”