Teachers to go on strike in Sydney on May 4

NSW Teachers Federation members will proceed with strike action in Sydney’s Macquarie Street on Wednesday May 4.

NSW Teachers Federation Strike Action
Date: Wednesday May 4
Time: 9.30am for a 9.45am start
Location: Hyde Park North, close to Archibald Fountain

NSW Teachers Federation President Angelo Gavrielatos said the Premier has failed students, their parents, and the teaching profession.

It was revealed today that the Government is questioning whether teachers need formal qualifications in the subject they teach.

Where NSW once lead the country in strengthening qualifications and standards, it is now leading the decline.

The Government now intends to make the school children of tomorrow pay for the neglect of sound policy and planning by the politicians of today, he said.

One of the most fundamental roles of a government is to ensure there is a qualified teacher in every classroom with the time and support to meet the needs of each child.

The Premier cannot be allowed to take a low road approach of reducing standards instead of an addressing the real causes of shortages uncompetitive salaries and unsustainable workloads.

The simple truth is that if we don’t pay teachers what they are worth and address crippling workloads we will not retain nor attract the teachers we know we need.

The time for spin and gimmickry has long past, added Mr Gavrielatos.

Acting on uncompetitive salaries and unsustainable workloads is the only way to stop more teachers leaving and attract the people into the profession we need to fix the shortages. This is an investment in our future.

Government report after government report has stated the main reasons why teachers don’t want to stay in the profession are unsustainable workloads and uncompetitive salaries.