TAFE teachers vote YES to Protected Industrial Action

NSW TAFE teachers now join a growing list of State Government workers outraged by the Perrottet Government’s state wages cap of an insulting 2.53%.

TAFE teachers have escalated their campaign that rejects the NSW Government’s casualisation of TAFE employees and insulting salary offer by resoundingly voting YES in a Protected Action Ballot that closed Thursday 8 September.

Ninety-five per cent of TAFE members voted in favour of industrial action. Various industrial bans will start as early as Thursday, 15 September.

The Perrottet Government’s refusal to engage in meaningful negotiations has left NSW TAFE teachers little choice other than to move to take action.

In August, 73 per cent of NSW TAFE teachers and educational support employees rejected the insulting 2.53 per cent NSW State Government’s salary cap.

There is an urgent need to remedy the decline in TAFE teacher salaries and to reverse the proliferation of insecure work and increased casualisation of TAFE teacher positions.

Astonishingly most apprentices have greater job security than their TAFE teachers, with more than 70 per cent of TAFE teachers employed as casuals. TAFE teacher salaries have become uncompetitive with the salaries of the trades and professions they teach.

At a time of a national skills crisis the Perrottet Government should be investing in TAFE and its teachers to deliver the vocational education that TAFE students need and employers are demanding.