Shots at Qatar’s cup toll

For every goal that’s scored in the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar, about 39 people will have died, former Socceroos captain Craig Foster told Federation’s September Council.

The game will roll on, the ball will be kicked, everyone is going to have a wonderful time around the world and these families are going to be left destitute without their breadwinner and in debt,” said Foster, who will be a commentator on SBS during the tournament. I’ll be making sure this issue is going to be prominent and forthright during the World Cup.”

Foster is supporting the #PayUpFIFA campaign for just compensation for all migrant workers involved in the World Cup preparations noting FIFA has taken responsibility for the death of just 35 migrant workers on stadium projects.

He will donate fees he earns from SBS during the World Cup to the families of migrant workers and called on other broadcasters and former players around the world, who will profit from this World Cup to do likewise, and to at least make a donation directly to these families”.

On 28 September, as a mark of protest against Qatar’s record, Cup finalists Denmark unveiled a toned down” jersey for the competition with long-time supplier Hummel stating: We don’t wish to be visible during a tournament that has cost thousands of people their lives.” The usual elements of the jersey – logos, stripes and the Danes’ signature chevrons – are barely visible.


President Angelo Gavrielatos said: In the spirit of solidarity and consistent with our proud internationalist and social justice tradition in protecting and advancing protection and advancement of human rights, Federation has donated $5000 to the Building and Wood Workers’ International to support the FIFA World Cup Qatar Decent Work Legacy campaign and the establishment of the migrant workers’ centre.” Building and Wood Workers’ International General Secretary Ambet Yuson responded: Your financial support and support for the campaign will boost the morale and the spirit of the migrant representative/leaders who continue to demand for their rights.” #PayUpFIFA campaign visit