Union secures guarantees for casual and temporary staff

After successful representations to the Department of Education, Federation has secured employment certainty for casual and temporary teachers amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The commitment to safeguard the conditions of the casual and temporary teaching workforce was among a raft of guarantees made by the Department in a letter received by Federation yesterday that acknowledged the “productive relationship” with the union during the pandemic.

Senior Vice President Amber Flohm said the arrangements protected the vital work of casual and temporary teachers in the public education system and were timed to provide certainty as schools head in to term 2.

The package includes:

  • a minimum guaranteed weekly engagement for eligible casual teachers and support staff in term 2
  • engaging eligible casual teachers for three days in the first two weeks of term 2 to induct them into remote learning methods
  • extending temporary engagements that were due to expire at the end of term 1 until the end of term 2.

“Casual and temporary teachers are a vital part of the system, which relies on their support and professionalism,” Ms Flohm said.

“It has been Federation’s aim from the onset of the pandemic to protect our members’ rights and conditions, and we are pleased that our representations to the Department have secured this and other outcomes for our casual and temporary teachers.”

To be eligible under the Department’s commitment, staff are required to have had 10 daysemployment during term 1, 2020, and be available to support school operations in term 2.

Eligibility is based on working a minimum of 10 days during term 1, 2020. Staff will be able to work additional days at the allocated school or another school, based on demand.

The Federation urges casual teacher members that do not meet the criteria but consider themselves to have exceptional individual circumstances to be eligible for the package, to contact us.

The Department is in the process of contacting eligible casual and temporary school-based staff confirming they will be allocated to a school for a minimum guaranteed weekly engagement for term 2. Once allocated to a school, principals will contact the employees to confirm the arrangements.

In addition to this package, the Department recently modified staff entitlements as part of its response to COVID-19. Normally, casual employees are not entitled to paid leave, however, paid special leave will be provided for days casual employees have been offered work but had to either self-isolate or care for a family member who was self-isolating.

Federation continues to work with casual and temporary teacher members to successfully secure and access entitlements, engagements and access to broader leave provisions. Members wishing to discuss their personal
circumstances should contact the union via
[email protected]
or 1300 654 369.