Talking Employment

Noting the significant employment challenges that some casual and temporary teachers have faced during the pandemic, we hope that the following employment tips will assist members to secure employment in term 4 and for 2022.

Term 4 return
As students return earlier than expected, it is not business as usual in schools. Schools will need to continue to employ casual and temporary teachers to ensure school operations can resume as close to normal as possible, noting the additional restrictions and safety measures that will be in place.

Casual and temporary teachers should be engaged as per normal to cover classes and short-term leave.

However, additional teachers may be needed to alleviate some of the significant workload stresses schools face as they implement COVID-19 safe operations, such as staggered break times, start and finish times.

Temporary teacher engagements in 2022
The need to engage temporary teachers arises for a range of reasons, usually because a permanent teacher takes an extended period of leave, or the school utilises their RAM funding to create above establishment positions in order to reduce class sizes or provide additional specialist support.

Schools use this information to predict the number of temporary teacher engagements needed for the following year or term.

There are presently no Department of Education procedures for seeking temporary expressions of interest (EOIs). However, it is common practice:

  • that where the same number of temporary teachers are needed as currently employed, principals will offer their engagements to “roll over” into the following year or term dependent on the length of the vacancy
  • where a lesser number of temporary teachers are needed for the following year, an EOI process of writing a short application for the positions and possibly an interview is undertaken, which is offered to temporary teachers already employed at the school
  • where a larger number of temporary teachers are needed, internal and external EOIs are sought and where necessary, the same procedures as above are undertaken.

No offer of employment is finalised until you sign the agreement in SAP. Federation encourages members to follow up in writing regarding any verbal offers of employment.

The Award stipulates that teachers must be employed on a Temporary Engagement when working full time for a period of four weeks or more, or part time for a period of two terms or more.

Permanent employment opportunities in 2022
The largest number of permanent positions are usually advertised and filled during term 4. For those seeking permanency, remember to:

  • ensure you are listed as seeking permanency with the Department of Education
  • update your willing to teach geographical locations/schools with the Department
  • ensure your codes are up to date
  • check the JobFeed regularly for advertised positions.

Improvements in the 2021-23 Staffing Agreement
Federation has a long history with many wins and gains to secure and increase the number of permanent positions, and recognises the importance of secure employment for members and consistent school operations.

The new Staffing Agreement includes the following betterments:

“Where a temporary teacher has been engaged for a minimum period of continuous service at the school, the principal may elect to permanently appoint the temporary teacher provided the following criteria are met:

  • A permanent full-time vacancy arises and is declared at any time from the commencement of this Agreement to the end of the 2021 school year.
  • The temporary teacher has completed a minimum of three years of continuous service.”

Further advice
The information provided in this article is general in nature. Please contact Federation’s Professional Support section for further advice and information regarding your employment and refer to the 2021-23 Staffing Agreement available through the Department of Education’s intranet.